# 🔌 Login providers

Chevereto includes support for login providers, enabling your users to sign up by connecting an already existan account in a login provider.

# Supported providers

Table below contains all the supported providers and the handle used for it.

Provider Handle
Facebook facebook
Twitter twitter
Google google
VK vkontakte
Apple apple
Amazon amazon
BitBucket bitbucket
Discord discord
Dribbble dribbble
Dropbox dropbox
GitHub github
GitLab gitlab
Instagram instagram
LinkedIn linkedin
Mailru mailru
Medium medium
Odnoklassniki odnoklassniki
ORCID orcid
Reddit reddit
Spotify spotify
Steam steam
Strava strava
Telegram telegram
Tumblr tumblr
Twitch twitchtv
WeChat wechat
WordPress wordpress
Yandex yandex
Yahoo yahoo
QQ qq

# Create an app

👉 Refer to your login provider developer documentation in order to setup your application.

To configure a login provider you will require to create an application at the target provider. The connect/return URL you need to use is:


Where HANDLE is the provider handle from the supported providers table.

# Provide app credentials

Enter the application credentials at Settings > Login providers.