# File upload


This control the settings related to file uploading.

# Enabled file extensions

Determines which file formats can be uploaded.

✅ Formats supported


# Enable uploads

Toggles the file upload functionality.

# Enable uploads (URL)

Toggles the file upload functionality from URL.

# Upload user interface

Determines how the upload will be displayed.

Value Effect
On-page container Uses a JS uploader that stays in page
/upload route Drives users towards the upload page

# Guest uploads

Same as enable uploads, but for guest users.

# Moderate uploads

Determines if incoming uploads must be moderated or not.

Value Effect
Disabled No moderation required
Guest Moderate guest uploads
All Moderate all uploads

# Not safe content checkbox in uploader

Toggles the display of the NSFW checkbox.

Value Effect
Enabled Enable display of NSFW checkbox
Disabled DIsable display of NSFW checkbox

# Enable embed codes (uploader)

Toggles the display of embed codes after upload process.

# Upload threads

Determines the number of parallel threads used by the uploader. This setting should be configured according to the installed hardware and the usage of your website.

# Redirect on single upload

Toggles the HTTP redirection on single image upload. When enabled, users will be redirected to the image viewer.

Moderate uploads

This setting should be disabled if moderate upload is enabled. This is because the viewer URL will return HTTP 403 until the image gets approved.

# Enable duplicate uploads

Toggles the acceptance of duplicate uploads.

# Enable expirable uploads

Toggles the availability of expirable uploads, which will get automatically removed after a certain date.

# Auto delete guest uploads

Determines the automatic deletion of guest uploads.

# Maximum image size

Determines the maximum size (in pixels) allowed for image uploads. Larger images will get automatically downscale.

# Image Exif data

Toggles the handling of image Exif (opens new window) data.

# Image Exif data (user setting)

Toggles if users can determine how to handle Exif data.

# Maximum upload file size [MB]

Determines the maximum image size allowed.


This setting is capped by local php.ini configuration (opens new window).

# Maximum upload file size (guests)

Same as above, but for guests.

# File path

The file system path for storing uploads.

# Storage mode

How uploads will get organized in the file system.

Value Effect
Datefolders Uses a nested folder structure YYYY/MM/DD
Direct No folder structure

💡 Altering this setting only affects future uploads. Previous uploads won't be affected.

# File naming method

How uploads will be named on upload.

  • Source file: ./DSC-1313.jpg
Value Effect Example
Original Keep the original file name (will randomize on collisions) DSC-1313.jpg
Random A randomized alphanumeric name bJdrpmdfi.jpg
Mix original + random Keep part of the original filename DSC-13pLfm.jpg
ID Name the uploads as their public (encoded) ID kIf.jpg

# Thumb size

The with and height for the image thumbs.

# Medium image fixed dimension

Determines how medium images will be generated by specifying the resizing criteria.

Value Effect
Width Resizing fixing width to the target value
Height Resizing fixing height to the target value

# Medium image fixed size

The medium image size. Images will be resized based on the medium image fixed dimension criteria.