# System


# Automatic updates check

Toggles the automatic updates check. When enabled, your installation will automatically check for new updates.

Value Effect
Enabled Enable automatic updates check
Disabled Disable automatic updates check

# Display available updates notification

Toggles the display of a system notification on update available.

Value Effect
Enabled Enable available updates notification
Disabled Disable available updates notification

# Dump update query

Toggles the display of the update query. When enabled, the update query will be shown and not executed.


This is automatically enabled if the installation holds more than 1,000,000 (1M) images. This is because is safer to run the query directly in the database console.

Value Effect
Enabled Dump the update query (queries should be manually executed)
Disabled Run the update query (queries will be executed directly)

# Minify code

Toggles CSS and JSS minification.

When enabled, *.min.js and *.min.css will be automatically used.

Value Effect
Enabled Enable minify code
Disabled Disable minify code

# Maintenance

Toggles maintenance mode.

When enabled, the website will show a maintenance message and no actions will be allowed.

Value Effect
Enabled Enable maintenance mode
Disabled Disable maintenance mode

# Crypt salt

The crypt salt used to encode DB integer IDs to alphanumeric representations.


This value is shown only for reference. It shouldn't be edited.

Type Example
String bnnnfer98

# Debug errors

Toggles debug error reporting. When enabled, Chevereto will display the errors to the screen.

Value Effect
Enabled Enable debug error
Disabled Disable debug error

# Debug level

Shows the debug level. This value is taken from CHEVERETO_DEBUG_LEVEL.

# Enable XR

Toggles sending debug messages to XR Debug.

When enabled, the website will stream dump information to the configured XR Debug server.

Value Effect
Enabled Enable XR Debug
Disabled Disable XR Debug

# XR Debug Host

Determines the XR Debug host to send dump messages.

Type Example
String localhost

# XR Debug Port

Determines the XR Debug host port to send dump messages.

Type Example
String 27420