# Theme


# Theme select

Determines the theme to use.

# Default palette

Determines the default palette to use.

Value Effect
Select Use selected palette as default

# Image load max. filesize (MB)

Determines the maximum image file size to load. Images bigger than this value will require "click to load" full resolution image.

Type Recommended
Integer 3

# Enable download button

Toggles the display of a download button for image view.

Value Effect
Enabled Enable download button to appear on image view
Disabled Don't show the image download button

# Enable right click on image

Toggles the ability to right click on the images. This controls the display of the context menu for the <image> tag.

Value Effect
Enabled Enable to right click on images (save-as)
Disabled Disable right click on images

# Enable show Exif data

Toggles the display of image Exif data.

Value Effect
Enabled Show image Exif data
Disabled Don't show (hide) image Exif data

# Image first tab

Determine the first tab on image page.

Value First tab
Embeds Embed codes
About About (description, Exif)
Info Admin only (extensive details)

# Enable social share

Toggles the social share buttons for sharing the image.

Value Effect
Enabled Enable social share buttons for image
Disabled Disable social share buttons for image

# Enable embed codes (content)

Toggles the display of embed codes.

Value Effect
Enabled Show embed codes
Disabled Don't show (hide) embed codes

# Not safe content checkbox in uploader

Toggles the display of the NSFW checkbox.

Value Effect
Enabled Enable display of NSFW checkbox
Disabled DIsable display of NSFW checkbox

# Custom CSS code

Custom CSS code that will get added to the HTML. Example:

body {
    color: red;
a {
    text-decoration: underline;

# Custom JS code

Custom JS code that will get added to the HTML. Example: